Smart Collars

Innovative Drilling Technology

Newsco's Smart Collar System (SCS) is the future of directional drilling.  The SCS was designed as a standalone tool ideal for vertical monitoring or full Directional drilling programs and eliminate the expense of an on-site MWD operator or directional driller.  Just pick up the Smart Collar System and start drilling!

Features and Benefits:

  • Smart Collar System is preprogrammed in Newsco’s facility
  • Programmable in different modes 
  • Inclination and azimuth
  • Inclination, azimuth, toolface and gamma
  • Shipped to location ready to be picked up in the bottom hole assembly (BHA)
  • Ideal for vertical or directionally controlled well bores
  • Easy set up on location
  • Eliminates the expense of an MWD operator or Directional Driller
  • Easy operation for rig crew
  • Battery life approximately 800 hrs +/- (drilling conditions and mode dependent)
  • Loss circulation material compatible
  • Remote operation available


Technical Data Sheets

Newsco Smart Collar (MWD-GR)

smart collar