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Remote Drilling

Newsco brings MWD monitoring into the modern era with survey on demand, unmanned surveys, and remote access capabilities. Our integrated technology reduces drilling cost dramatically by reducing survey times and eliminating the expense of on-site personnel.

Traditional monitoring can require a costly MWD operator and/or Directional Driller to correct the well.  Remote drilling technology will eventually replace what is currently common practice in the directional drilling industry.  This technology provides for the ability to send out pre-loaded MWD tools and the ability to receive and log surveys, gamma ray or any other information required from a remote location.  Newsco can drastically reduce the amount of manpower required on location while still providing the same high quality service.

The Newsco Smart Collar system is central to this philosophy and brings together a robust pulsing system able to withstand the most concentrated LCM environments with a simple interface to allow for unmanned operations.  The downhole survey system eliminates the need for onsite personnel and allows for rig personnel to operate the tool quickly and efficiently in a vertical drilling environment.  The Smart collar is capable of transmitting INC, AZM, Tool Faces and Gamma Ray data.  When using the Smart Collar, "If you can pump it, we can pulse it."

Command center updates are instantaneous resulting in no additional downtime and all information is available to any customer personnel who requires it.