Partnering the Global Quest for Energy Solutions

At Newsco, we believe people are our greatest asset. We work in some of the most demanding terrains in the world while adhering to the highest standards of safety to ultimately enable our customers to find and produce oil more efficiently and economically.

Global Workforce | Global Work Culture


We are a diverse company with professionals from multiple nationalities working together to help our clients meet tomorrow’s global energy needs. Our multicultural work environment attracts the best science and engineering talent.

Respect | Collaboration | Innovation


At Newsco, our highly skilled people from across the world work together towards achieving superior customer service through cutting-edge engineering solutions. Driven by strong work ethics and values, we respect each individual for their skills and offer a collaborative team environment to drive scientific and engineering innovation.

Skill Enhancement | Fast-Track Career Growth


As a part of the oil and gas industry, we notice the daily changes in technology and engineering. To remain competitive, we require a highly skilled adaptable workforce. We invest significant resources in Training & Development so that each employee has access to a variety of training tools, up-to-date professional knowledge, and skill enhancement in a continuous effort to eliminate operator error.

At Newsco, employees are valued, skill sets enhanced and performance rewarded.

Be a part of one of the world’s most specialized directional and horizontal drilling engineering companies, with an ever-exciting journey and a global career opportunity.

See the Global Opportunities page for current regional openings.